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Columbus Children’s Choir

For Kindergarten through 12th grade, Columbus Children’s Choir is the premier organization for children’s choral education in Central Ohio. We provide talented singers the opportunity to explore music and expand their musical skills to the highest level of their interest and ability.


It was an honor to work with Columbus Children's Choir. They sing with a lot more than confidence. They sing with a humble radiance. It is rare. It is special. And it is beautiful.

– Nick Page

Singers who are part of CCC become musically literate which of course supports their overall musicianship. They also learn how to be better vocalists as their voices grow & mature. The directors are qualified, certified music educators who teach age appropriate literature for each choir.

– Amy Johnston

Columbus Children’s Choir is a highly polished musical group. They are always well prepared and sing with perfect intonation and musicianship. ‘Excellent’ is the best word to describe them!

– Ron Jenkins

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  • 12 Dec Teacher Spotlight, Jeanne Wohlgamuth

    Jeanne Wohlgamuth began her tenure as artistic director of Columbus Children’s Choir in the spring of 2011, but she originally directed the Santa Maria choir! Under her direction the New World Singers received a special invitation to sing with the Vienna Boys Choir in a tour......

  • 05 Dec New World Singers to Perform with Harmony Project

    The New World Singers of Columbus Children’s Choir is honored to perform in the Harmony Project Presents: The Concert for Us at Nationwide arena on December 6th. “The partnership just makes sense,” said managing director Kerry Haberkern. “Besides sharing the common belief that music unites a community,......

  • 30 Nov The Singers of Holiday Pops

    CCC is delighted to list the names of this year’s participants in Holiday Pops. These elite young musicians have earned the privilege of performing alongside the Columbus Symphony and Symphony Chorus. Get your tickets to Holiday Pops, today! New World Singers Director: Jeanne Wohlgamuth Donna......

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