Columbus Children’s Choir is delighted to have, not one, but two choirs performing at this year’s Organization of American Kodály Educators conference held at the Hyatt Regency! The New World Singers will be performing at 8:15PM on Thursday, March 21st and the Pinta choir will be performing at 12:00pm on Saturday, March 23rd. The New World Singers concert is in the Regency Ballroom and is free and open to the public!

So what is the Organization of American Kodály Educators, or OAKE, and why are we so excited to be a part of this year’s national conference? Well, OAKE is the foremost association of American Kodály educators with the mission to support music education of the highest quality, promote universal music literacy and lifelong music making. Each year, they hold a national conference and this year it is being held right here is Columbus. So if the city seems a little more musical next week, it’s not your imagination. We are being invaded by the finest American artist teachers!

It is a tremendous honor to be selected as performers at this event and we just couldn’t be prouder of our singers! Check out the list of singers’ names below:

Pinta Choir
Molly Rule – Director
Angie Cover – Accompanist
Stacey Savage – Choir Manager
Ebony Thomas – Choir Manager

Ruthie Allen
Annabelle Brock
Audrey Bullock
Layke Burke
Malena Cajigal
Lillian Cardillo-Heathcock
Tess Creamer
Simone Dean
Lilliana Donabauer
Annabelle Frost
Chelsea Graham
Hayden Greenway
Tehya Holmes
Annalise Lawrence
Hannah Lear
Olivia Lee
Olivia Mayberry
Ashley Moore
Dylan Osbourne
Luke Pace
Matthew Paul
Estella Philpott
Molly Preston
Lilia Pryszczewska
Orson Pryszczewska
Olivia Rabenstine
Sage Robinson
Miriam Rule
Amelia Savage
Claire Smith
Miles Tuzziano
Kiera Young

New World Singers 
Jeanne Wohlgamuth  –  Director
Chad Baker – Accompanist
Donna Hill – Choir Manager
Valerie Peart – Choir Manager

Lucy Aveni
Alana Becker
Isabel Best
Anneliese Bragg
Annabelle Brown
Kaitlyn Brown
Elisa Bucci
Abigail Burns
Norah Clous
Sophia Corso
Ava DiMasi
Cecilia Duncan
Tess Duncan
Larry Dunn
Grace Edic
Courtney Elmer
Natalie Esquivel
Nicole Evans
Rachel Fall
Deanna Farrell
Rhea Garg
Alisa Giammarco
Tylen Gordon
Rachel Green
Lucia Grunden
Jeremy Hardjono
Michael Haskell
Abriena Hike
Marykate Hill
Gracie Houck
Joshua Jeyandran
Ainsleigh Kemper
Tyler Kessis
Makenna Koehl
Sarthak Krishna
Surith Krishna
Jaseana Larsen
Eenaya Majed
Samantha Mauter
Ethan McComb
Nathan McGrath
Samuel McQuate
Katie Merickel
Holly Miller
Anna Nicolette
Wesley Noeth
Brianne Nutter
Rachel Olsson
Nnenna Onwe
Frances Pavell
Luke Peart
Madeline Rager
Judy Ray
Meggie Ray
Brenna Reesman
Katie Roddy
Noah Salmon
Shruti Sivaraman
Malik Stallings
Sarah Stevens
Gretchen Stoner
Benjamin Stupakewicz
Kate Sullenberger
Sophie Sutton
Patrick Syar
Tristan Sze
Grace Tacchetti
Carson Thompson
Carrie Waltzer
Kimberlee Welch
Beth Zofkie