Mission Statement

Fostering the personal growth of children through meaningful experiences in music education and vocal performance

Vision Statement
  • Columbus Children’s Choir will engage children in meaningful experiences of high-quality music education and performance opportunities.
  • Columbus Children’s Choir will maintain a strong, collaborative presence within music education and performance communities locally and worldwide.
  • Columbus Children’s Choir will nurture and inspire all children by fostering their personal growth through music, regardless of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, national origin (ancestry), disability, and sexual orientation.
  • Columbus Children’s Choir will take measures to reach children from low income households with limited exposure to music education.
  • Singers will establish a lifelong relationship with music of various genres, cultural origins, and world languages through their participation in Columbus Children’s Choir.
  • Students will not only acquire skills in music education and vocal performance, they will also learn to be self-confident, committed, and compassionate individuals.
  • Columbus Children’s Choir alumni will become leaders in their communities.

Columbus Children’s Choir will pursue innovative partnerships with the arts community that contribute valuable works to the field of music education, engage diverse audiences, and provide singers with memorable performance experiences. Columbus Children’s Choir will strive to maintain relationships with local, national, and international education institutions and allow our singers to explore and practice music with knowledge and rigor.