Welcome to Columbus Children’s Choir! You are taking the first step in creating a lifelong love of music for your child. With that love comes confidence, friendships, travel experiences, and the pride of knowing they are the Voice of the City. My name is Jeanne Wohlgamuth, I’m the Artistic Director of Columbus Children’s Choir and I can’t wait to meet your singer! Get started today by filling out a New Member Interest Form.

Does my child have to audition?

Yes, but...

Children entering grades 3-12 undergo a simple vocal assessment, no preparation required. We have a choral experience for the vast majority of applicants.

Is there anything for younger kids?


Children entering grades 1 and 2 can enroll in our Young Musicians Classes without an audition.

Does my child need to know how to read music?


In fact, that's what sets us apart from other programs. We will teach your child to read music.

Is tuition expensive?


Tuition is a fraction of the cost of other programs like soccer or dance and we offer generous need based financial aid.

Is it too late in the year?

Yes and no...

Applications for the season are closed, but it isn't too early to get started for 2023-2024. Complete the New Member Interest Form to keep up-to-date on dates and upcoming deadlines!

Get started today by filling out a New Member Interest Form.