Choral Festival Announces Rollo Dilworth

Choral Festival Announces Rollo Dilworth

Columbus Children’s Choir announces Rollo Dilworth as guest clinician for its Children’s Choral Festival. “We were so excited to have him come last year and then his schedule changed. It was a disappointment, but I think it has made this community even more enthusiastic this time around,” said artistic director Jeanne Wohlgamuth. And to be sure, there is a lot to be enthusiastic about. Dilworth is a heavy weight in the world of choral composition. He holds a doctorate from Northwestern in conducting, has published over 150 choral works, and regularly headlines international clinics and festivals.

The festival, to be held on February 24th and 25th, includes an evening workshop geared toward music educators, conductors, and education students. It’s a part of Wohlgamuth’s vision for Columbus Children’s Choir. “We want to be a resource to teachers. Music teachers are our boots on the ground and they deserve our support.”

The main portion of the festival on February 25th, is a workshop for middle and elementary school aged children followed by a concert presenting their work. Middle school students work with Dilworth, while elementary school students enjoy a day with Columbus Children’s Choir director, Sarah Santilli. The participants come from all over the state for a full day of fun and engaging rehearsals. Wohlgamuth joked, “The pizza lunch and T-shirts are pretty popular, but they really do learn so much in just one day.”

This is the fifth Choral Festival Columbus Children’s Choir has held and it reports growing popularity among participants and clinicians. “I get a kick out of what our guests say about the kids. They get up in front of them and you can see it on their faces that they aren’t expecting them to be so terrific,” said managing director Kerry Haberkern. “It makes me laugh, because I already know how special they are.”

For information about how to register singers the Choral Festival, visit https://columbuschildrenschoir.org/singer-registration/ or managing director Kerry Haberkern at kerry@columbuschildrenschoir.org