Philanthropy on a Budget

Philanthropy on a Budget

Everyone wants to give to their favorite nonprofits, but donating doesn’t always fit in the budget. This week, we’ll explore three great ways to fundraise without spending ANY extra money! As it turns out, there is a lot you can do to help Columbus Children’s Choir without lifting a finger.

Kroger Community Rewards
Did you know you can support Columbus Children’s Choir every time you go to the grocery store? Whether you love grocery shopping or wish you never had to go again, when you shop at Kroger you can earn money for Columbus Children’s Choir with every purchase.
Simply go online and register for Kroger Community Rewards. New shoppers as well as seasoned Kroger shoppers can easily register online. Just go to Kroger.com/CommunityRewards and click “I’m a Customer.” Search “IB628” or “Chorus,” then select “COL & CTRL OH CHILDREN’S CHORUS.” Once you click enroll, you’ll be earning money for Columbus Children’s Choir every time you swipe your Kroger Plus Card.
Tip: your enrollment will expire one year after you first enroll. Make sure to re-enroll every year to keep raising money for Columbus Children’s Choir!

Everyone knows that shopping on Amazon is the fastest and easiest way to make purchases online. But did you know that with every purchase, you could be raising money for Columbus Children’s Choir?
Next time you need to shop in a rush, use AmazonSmile for your purchase! When you shop using AmazonSmile, a portion of your purchase will be donated to Columbus Children’s Choir. To register, go to Smile.Amazon.com and sign in as usual. Click on “Accounts and Lists,” then on “Your AmazonSmile.” Search for “Columbus Children’s Choir,” then select “Columbus And Central Ohio Childrens Chorus Foundation.” Now every time you shop on Amazon, you will be raising money for Columbus Children’s Choir!
Tip: you will only be raising money for Columbus Children’s Choir when you shop at Smile.Amazon.com, not Amazon.com. Bookmark Smile.Amazon.com to raise money without any extra clicks!

Social Media
Did you know that interacting with Columbus Children’s Choir on social media can help us attract corporate donors? The more you like, favorite, and share our posts, the more you are helping Columbus Children’s Choir! Not only does engaging with our social media help us attract donors, it helps us spread our message to people around the city, state, and country! Next time you see a post on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, like the post and share it with everyone in your circle!

See how easy it is to be a philanthropist? With just a few minutes of your time and a few extra clicks, you can support Columbus Children’s Choir in all your daily activities.

By Carmen Greiner