Thanks, Mom!

Thanks, Mom!

If you’re anything like me, Mother’s Day is a struggle. Yes, we’ll go to brunch. Yes, I’ll get her a card and/or flowers. But what else? I always ask and I always get the same response. “Honey, I like everything you pick out.” “Nothing that takes up too much space!” Or the ever popular, “I don’t need a thing.” Ugh, how can my very favorite person in the world be so frustrating?

This year, I am making a gift in my mother’s name to Columbus Children’s Choir. It’s not for everyone, but I know my mom will love it. She has been supportive of me as a musician my whole life. Even when I was determined to play the bassoon as a fifth grader, despite not being able to reach most of the keys. She spent years driving me to band concerts and orchestra concerts and made last minute trips to Lazarus to get black tights (#Cbus4Ever). Even now that her kids are grown up, arts experiences for children still hold a special place in her heart.

Her name will appear in next season’s program and on the Columbus Children’s Choir website. I’ll tell her about how special her support was to me and how she is now supporting a whole new generation of little musicians. She’s a grandma now, so that will really get her going! I’ll also share that Columbus Children’s Choir makes $20,000 of need based financial aid available every year and that we have programs that specifically reach children from struggling families. My family was fortunate enough to be able to afford instruments and lessons, but we know that isn’t everyone’s story.

Let’s face it, flowers die and she already has slippers! This Mother’s Day, I am surprising her with memories of my childhood and the knowledge that she is a part of new memories for children who may not have the chance without donations from good folks, just like you.

If this sounds like something your mom or grandma, wife or sister would love, take a few minutes to make your gift in honor or in memory of the special women in our lives. Even a gift of $10 means new opportunities for children. And just to be clear, you’re still going out to brunch!

With love,

Dr. Kerry Haberkern
Managing Director, Columbus Children’s Choir
Mother of William Johnston
Daughter of Sherry Haberkern