The Singers of Holiday Pops

The Singers of Holiday Pops

CCC is delighted to list the names of this year’s participants in Holiday Pops. These elite young musicians have earned the privilege of performing alongside the Columbus Symphony and Symphony Chorus. Get your tickets to Holiday Pops, today!

New World Singers
Director: Jeanne Wohlgamuth
Donna Hill – Choir Manager
Valerie Peart – Choir Manager

Lucy Aveni
Alana Becker
Isabel Best
Anneliese Bragg
Annabelle Brown
Kaitlyn Brown
Elisa Bucci
Abigail Burns
Norah Clous
Sophia Corso
Ava DiMasi
Cecilia Duncan
Tess Duncan
Larry Dunn
Grace Edic
Courtney Elmer
Natalie Esquivel
Nicole Evans
Rachel Fall
Deanna Farrell
Rhea Garg
Alisa Giammarco
Tylen Gordon
Rachel Green
Lucia Grunden
Jeremy Hardjono
Michael Haskell
Abriena Hike
Marykate Hill
Gracie Houck
Joshua Jeyandran
Ainsleigh Kemper
Tyler Kessis
Makenna Koehl
Jaseana Larsen
Eenaya Majed
Samantha Mauter
Ethan McCombs
Katie Merickel
Holly Miller
Anna Nicolette
Wesley Noeth
Brianne Nutter
Rachel Olsson
Nnenna Onwe
Frances Pavell
Luke Peart
Madeline Rager
Judy Ray
Meggie Ray
BrieAnna Reedus
Brenna Reesman
Katie Roddy
Noah Salmon
Shruti Sivaraman
Malik Stallings
Sarah Stevens
Gretchen Stoner
Benjamin Stupakewicz
Kate Sullenberger
Sophie Sutton
Patrick Syar
Tristan Sze
Grace Tacchetti
Carson Thompson
Carrie Waltzer
Angela Wehrum
Kimberlee Welch
Beth Zofkie

Santa Maria
Director: Sarah Santilli
Florence Hardjono – Choir Manager
Julie Roddy – Choir Manager

Gracie Allen
Kate Anderson
Alexis Atwood
Athina Becker
Patera (Bella) Boontagarnon
Ryn Card
William Carlisle
Isabella Casiano
Ohanna Cho
Mackenzie Dillon
Marin Dojchinka
Madeline Donabauer
Serenity Edwards
Ally Fitzgerald
Emilee Fletcher
Isabel Gebara
Kyrmina Giancola
Jett Gonzalez
Holly Hamilton
Alethia Grace Hardjono
Samuel Hardjono
Dean Harris
Quinlan Haynes
Marley Hughes
Sebastian Kulwicki
Alessandra Ma
Shea Manely
Kylie Moeller
Kelsie Morris
Jack Munday
Tatiana Najera
Gabriel Pace
Anjali Paul
Salva Pickens
Teresa Ramos
Emma Rawls
Anna Remle
Jill Roddy
Emma Savage
Jessica Savage
Izzy Schenck-Chang
Alexandria Tewalt
Drew Tumidolsky
Joy Wilhoite

  • Sandra Mathias

    They are sounding great! So proud to be sitting with two alums in the CSO Chorus AND right behind current NWS!! Lots of great memories created for a lifetime!
    …….and….oh! The magic to see the candlelight of the Santa Maria Choir as they enter behind the Loge, is breathtaking!

    November 30, 2018 at 10:38 am
  • Jayne Wenner

    I am so proud of all of you! I counted 15 NWS singers who started in the Nina Choir when you were younger. Have a great weekend of Pops!
    Love, Jayne Wenner

    November 30, 2018 at 3:48 pm

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