CCC on Good Day Columbus

The New World Singers of Columbus Children's Choir are making their Good Day Columbus debut in the Christmas special on December 23rd between 8:00am and 9:30am. Jeanne Wohlgamuth jumped at the request despite filming taking place during the busiest time of year. "I knew my...

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Teacher Spotlight, Jeanne Wohlgamuth

Jeanne Wohlgamuth began her tenure as artistic director of Columbus Children's Choir in the spring of 2011, but she originally directed the Santa Maria choir! Under her direction the New World Singers received a special invitation to sing with the Vienna Boys Choir in a tour...

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New Arts Funding for Columbus

Have you heard the exciting news about a possible new source of funding for the arts in Columbus? Jeanne and I are delighted that we live in a city that values the arts for everyone, including children. But it's not just about funding art organizations;...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

“When you look through life with eyes of gratitude the world becomes a magical and amazing place.” – Jennifer Gayle Every week we are blessed to be able to spend several hours with the most amazing young  musicians in Ohio. Singers, thank you for enriching our...

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