A different kind of holiday pops

A different kind of holiday pops

Performing with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra and Symphony Choir at the Holiday Pops is the highlight of our year. In fact, the Santa Maria choir and New World Singers begin work for the Pops long before our first meeting with Maestro Jenkins. We thrive on learning, practicing, and perfecting new music–it’s what keeps us motivated! Our singers love this opportunity to contribute to a truly festive, joyful event.

Every year our choirs experience a rush of adrenaline. From the first time we step into the Ohio Theatre to the applause at our last performance, there is nothing like that feeling. It is truly magical for our young singers! This will be the first time in CCC’s 25-year existence that our Santa Maria choir and New World Singers will not be performing live with the symphony.

Although there won’t be a typcial Holiday Pops, we do have some wonderful news to share. A small ensemble had the special opportunity to pre-record a special performance in the Ohio Theatre to be aired on television this Saturday, December 12th at 7 PM. It was a wonderful experience, although nothing like the magic of a live show. We will miss Maestro Jenkins, we will miss the excitement of singing with the adult Symphony Chorus, we will miss the amazing musicians of the CSO. And most of all, we will miss the appreciative audiences.

The one thing that we hold onto during these stressful times is our commitment to create beauty in the world through our music. We hope a televised Holiday Pops will bring you some of the same warm feelings as the live show. We look forward to returning to Holiday Pops next season with the entire Santa Maria choir and New World Singers, stronger than ever before and ready to perform with this amazing organization.


Jeanne Wohlgamuth
Artistic Director

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