Fall Concert Cancellation

Fall Concert Cancellation


After much thought and consideration, CCC regrets to announce the cancellation of the Fall Concert. While our staff and families report feeling comfortable during rehearsals, survey results and discussion among leadership revealed concerns about the safety of an in-person concert at this time. We are currently exploring alternate performance opportunities for the fall, and hope to hold our regular Winter and Spring Concerts so that our singers can demonstrate their exceptional talents. While CCC supports organizations that are requiring proof of vaccination and/or negative tests prior to attending a concert, we are not at this time considering implementing this protocol for events or rehearsals. CCC believes that vaccination is an important part of a return to normalcy, and employs rigorous and research-based mitigation measures for all its rehearsals. All staff are fully vaccinated. 


Jeanne Wohlgamuth, Artistic Director & Kerry Haberkern, Managing Director